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I am Aiden Patrick and this is my webpage for GITA 1. All the following projects were made in Visual Studio 2017.
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Help Page

September 19th 2018

This project is a help page for the "company" we created. The logo we created also went into this

Address Maker

September 24th 2018

This project is a tool to make an address label for when you need a mailing address

Car Rental

October 2nd 2018

This project is a rental site for cars. It uses math and variables to calculate how much you would owe


October 5th 2018

This project determines your BMI using formulas. It uses the weight and height of the person to calculate it

Car Rental 2

October 11th 2018

This is a remastered version of Car Rental. This one makes it so you can rent multiple cars

Test Score

October 19th 2018

This project is a program to calculate your grade by using the percentage entered

Dice Game

October 23rd 2018

This program uses probability to roll a dice and calculate what the chance of you rolling a certain number would be


October 31rd 2018

This program uses the same concept as Dice Program and just implements the craps rules

Slot Machine

November 19th 2018

This program is a slot machine and you can win a multitude of different prizes. This uses probability to determine what image will pop up for each spin

T-Shirt Program

December 10th 2018

This program is a retail program. It uses math to determine the price for each order.

NCAA Bowl Project

January 15th 2019

This program shows 2 teams the will be competition in a bowl. It shows their bowl history and their school history.

Fish Project

January 22nd 2019

This program has a fish bop around a fish tank at your own will or at the computers will

Fish 2

February 5th 2019

This program has a fish bop around a fish tank at your own will or at the computers will, but this one is 3 layers not 1


February 15th 2019

This program calculates a sequence, factorial, even numbers, odd numbers, and Fibonacci.


February 21th 2019

This program is the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Basic AI

March 18th 2019

This is a game that has a programmed AI that will follow you and kill you if it gets to close.


March 19th 2019

This simulates you going into space at light speed or with tons of stars around you.

Space Invaders

March 27th 2019

Its just a recreation of Space Invaders. The only difference is that there are 3 Invaders


June 6th 2019

It is a remake of the classic game of Breakout. The ball hits the paddle and ricochet off